Create a Sanctuary Kit

Available Everywhere Especially on Earth Day!

   Before there were kits and directions, plastic building blocks were whatever the mind imagined.  Some kids were particularly adept and could build Taj Mahal-esque monuments of seemingly white marble.  But for the blueprint-impaired, it was struggle enough to build an ambiguous tower of block atop block.  Fortunately, the kits and directions were added to the boxes and now even the architecturally challenged can build something amazing. 

   Unfortunately, some things are not as easily remedied and some blueprints are never created.  In the world of interacting with others and the Earth, we often find ourselves struggling to maintain relationships that allow for the full realization of one another. 

   So, how do we create a kind of sanctuary: a place where all are safe, respected, and able to realize their full potential?  In days gone by, it often took the bold leadership of one to create such a sanctuary.  Perhaps it was a wise spiritual or even political leader who had a vision of how to create safe spaces in the midst of chaos.  Some were so adept at sanctuary and realization creation that even in the midst of civil war; they could bring people to safety and realization.  If you doubt it, read Mr. Thomas de Hartmann’s Our Life with Mr. Gurdjieff.

   But without a Mr. Gurdjieff, it is as if we wander the desert waiting to arrive in a safe land.  We wander lost and confused.  Yet perhaps there is a blueprint for sanctuary-building, a blueprint for self-realization for sentient beings.  And perhaps that blueprint is three simple rules for creative coexistence and sanctuary:

 Three Simple Rules for Sanctuary Building:

  1. Words are powerful. Speak kindly.
  2. Actions have consequences. Act gently.
  3. If it has too much hold on you, let it go.

   Alright, that last one is Gandalf (yes, Frodo lives). Of course, some will argue that this is Buddhist mindfulness or Christian charity or Hindu karma but I maintain it is DIY sanctuary building. 

   We can create sanctuary wherever we are and if our sanctuary is trampled on, we can recreate again elsewhere.  Perhaps that is what we are spiritually called upon to do.  To create and recreate sanctuary again and again.

  Of course, today is Earth Day.  And on that first Earth Day, protesters had a vision of creating a sanctuary to save the Earth.  

  They created their own DIY kit. 

  Can we do the same?



2 comments on “Create a Sanctuary Kit

  1. Danielle says:

    I understand the principal but I have a calling to create a real sanctuary. to start a place where the principals would be law. It needs to be in nature, and I am aware that standing alone is impossible. Am I standing alone or are there others
    who feel we need a sanctuary ?

    • elizabethnapp says:

      Dear Danielle,

      Thank you for sharing your insight and commitment to creating a real sanctuary. I think this is a beautiful idea. Indeed, I do think we need an actual sanctuary. Often in this world, we operate as individuals isolated from the larger web of humanity. In fact, I was reading an article this morning about parents being on cell phones when in the presence of their children and the incredible loneliness their children experience knowing that mother or father is not really present. In a way, every time we are really present for another, we create a sanctuary. But of course, a real sanctuary – a real place to know you are in peace and in kindness – is such a beautiful space.

      I think of visiting the famous Zen rock garden in Japan and feeling this incredible peace that such a place existed.

      May your beautiful idea be realized for the well-being of all sentient beings.

      Blessed be,

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